The first hob with an integrated scale

Smart Induction Hob is the first and only induction hob who weighs the ingredients directly inside a pan placed on the ceramic glass. A simple sensor, associated with the hob, allows to measure the weight of the ingredients – with an accuracy of 1 g-, and to report the measurement on the digital display of the hob. It’s also possible to transmit the result to an App.

Artificial intelligence applied to the kitchen

Smart Induction Hob is pure artificial intelligence applied to the world of cooking. It’s the first hob capable of transforming any recipe, even the most complicated, into an easily achievable dish.

Whether at work or for home use, cooking with Smart Induction Hob becomes simple and fun.

Real-time recipes

Smart Induction Hob is an intelligent hob capable of weighing the ingredients directly inside the container.

But also to recalibrate recipes in real-time.

If you want to cook with Smart Induction Hob, for example, cook a plate of spaghetti carbonara and add 300 g of pasta – instead of the 200 g suggested in the recipe – here is Smart Induction Hob showing its potential.

Smart Induction Hob is programmed to automatically and proportionally increase the quantities of each individual ingredient.

Have you ever seen A.I. cooking?

Smart Induction Hob is an innovative induction hob that allows you to automate the kitchen.

Knowing the weight of the ingredients, the water content, the diameter of the pan and its thermal coefficient, it becomes possible to automate cooking. Smart Induction Hob can independently decide the power for preheating and the power for maintaining the cooking temperature.

By inserting the Smart Induction Hob, making mistakes becomes impossible.

Technology and use

Smart Induction Hob is the ideal induction hob in any kitchen.

The functions of Smart Induction Hob make it ideal for use both in restaurant kitchens and in the home. In fact, it has dimensions and design that can be adapted to wherever you want to install it.

With Smart Induction Hob kitchen meets innovation.

Prototype demonstration

In this video shot in our laboratory we show how Smart Induction Hob works. From the RFID tag carried out on the container, to the heat regulation, Smart Induction Hob is the hob of the future.

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