Smart Induction Hob - The prototype

Nanolever has developed a load cell capable of transforming an induction hob into a scale. This allows you to measure the weight of the recipe ingredients already poured in the pot and positioned directly on the Smart Induction Hob.

The weight is measured by reading the deformation that the ceramic glass of the hob undergoes.                                  Measurement accuracy – depending on the characteristics of the single hob – varies from 3 grams to 1 gram. Larger the size of the ceramic glass is, greater his measurement accuracy is.

Turning a hob into a scale?

What is needed is, simply,  a segment of the top placed at half the length – and the height – where a particular sensor is to be housed. The task of this sensor is to determine the deformation of the ceramic glass top.

The signal conditioning electronics are onboard the sensor, while the connection to the native electronics of the hob is normally performed in I2C mode.

Automated cooking process

Knowing the weight of the ingredients and their water content, the diameter of the pan and its heat coefficient, with Smart Induction Hob it becomes possible to automate cooking.

Smart Induction Hob, in fact, can automatically adjust the power for preheating and the heat necessary to maintain the temperature suitable for ideal cooking. The future of the kitchen is ready to be served.

Through the development of an App dedicated to managing the scale, it is possible to automate the cooking algorithm, the type of ingredients and their quantity. The hob can independently decide the preheating power and cooking power.

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Who we are

Nanolever is an Italian startup born with the aim of providing innovation for the near future through weight measurement.
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